Spring, 2023

2023.3.7, Basic anteneas

What does antena do?

When receiving a radio wave:

  • An antenna is a device that converts electromagnetic radiation into electrical current

When transmitting a radio wave:

  • An antenna is adevice that voncerts electric current into electromagnetic radiation

Requirements for using the antenna:

  • Angular resolution (Sharp beam)
  • Sensitivity (Gain)

Altazimuth mount, Equatorial mount

Antenna performance indicators

  • Antenna gain:
    quantifies the output power relative to the strength of the received radio waves.
    In short, its an indicator of sensitivity and directional response.😀
  • Effective collection area:
    The larger the AeA_e, the larger the power PνP_\nu
  • Angular resolution

Questions left:

  • Beam?
  • Convolution?